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Luxury Apartment or House; which is the best fit for you?

You might be moving out of the dorms, transferring jobs, or looking for a new lifestyle and you have one giant question: apartment or house? You could be leaning one way more than the other. Possibly totally up in the air. No matter what has been holding you back, this list will help you make your best decision.


Positives of Renting an Apartment

  • Space: Choices include one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom floor plans which means you can find just the right amount of space based upon your needs.
  • Area: Most houses are usually in very suburban areas; an apartment can put you in a fantastic neighborhood or minutes from the hot spots of downtown.
  • Upkeep:  Renting an apartment, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the great outdoors, and the apartment maintenance staff takes care of most issues inside of your apartment.
  • Amenities: Each apartment community offers its own luxurious amenities. Many have fitness rooms, a clubhouse, outdoor kitchens, a playground, dog park, even zero entry pools!
  • Relationships: Apartment living offers a true sense of community to residents. You can meet your neighbors and make new friends at community events.

Negatives of Renting an Apartment

  • Space: Apartments are often not as large as a house. While that can mean you might have less storage space, many renters see this as an opportunity to downsize
  • Impact:  Problems outside of your control can affect your day to day life, it could be a leak from an upstairs apartment or a neighbor not aware of how much noise they create.


Positives of Renting a House

  • Space: Renting a house usually means more available square footage, which also means more daily upkeep 
  • Parking:  With most houses you have driveway or street parking so you have easy front door access.
  • Amenities: Choosing a rental house gives you different opportunities for amenities. Everything from an enclosed garage to a pool just for you!

Negatives of Renting a House

  • Maintenance: That pool comes along with its own set of responsibilities, not just cleaning but maintaining the chemicals which can be tricky. You’ll also have lawn care and minor repairs around the house.
  • Landlords:  Most houses are rented by individual landlords who may not have experience in property management or can be hard to reach, while apartments have a professional management company that are available 24 hours a day. 

Other Considerations

Make sure to think of your lifestyle goals and needs when choosing between an apartment and a house. Remember: finding what is best for you and your family can be a daunting task, but there are teams in place to help answer any question you might have. Contact us at Le Rivage of Bossier and we will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect apartment home.

Feeling luxury apartment?

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