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How To Embrace Your Space At Le Rivage

Apartments can be difficult to decorate. It can be hard to embrace your space, especially when you aren’t used to the life of luxury, like that offered at Le Rivage.

We know and understand the struggle of moving and decorating a space that might not be so easy to make it feel like “home”. The space that you rent is owned by someone else and some décor basics, like painting, might not be allowed. Fortunately, we have decided to put together a blog to go over some of the best décor tips for your new apartment home at Le Rivage.

1. Use Mirrors to make the room seem bigger

It’s important to make the most of your new apartment space. To make rooms feel and appear larger try adding a mirror to the space to open it up and make it seem inviting.

2. Put up Curtains

This is a sure way to make sure that your apartment space is becoming a home. Windows in rental properties typically are equipped with blinds for privacy purposes, but not much else. Simple fabric curtains can add the element of texture and color to the room.

3. Bring in a Touch of Nature

Indoor plants are an ideal way to spice up your décor. They bring a liveliness and organic patterns to elevate your apartment décor.

4. Finish Out the Space

One of the most important things about your living space is completing the room. Most of the time people leave the room or space unfinished just for the simple reason of potentially moving out when the lease is up thinking that it will make moving easier for them. Finishing touches will provide the room with a completed look.

Don’t miss out on these important touches for your new apartment home at Le Rivage. We are here to make moving as easy and simple for you as possible.

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