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How to Plant Succulents in Your New Bossier City Apartment

I am sure you have all seen the trendy pictures of succulents and how beautiful they can be, but do you know how to plant them? These specific plants are only the most popular home décor right now and are very similar to cacti. Succulents typically prefer to be in full sunlight most of the day and thrive in dry climates.

We are going to be sharing some tips for your new apartment plants!

The Best Succulent Plants for Your Apartment

1 Certain succulents do better indoors. We have created a small list of the best ones that would work in your new apartment.

Zebra succulent in Bossier City luxury apartment

Hanging Planters Spice Up Your Apartment

2 Now that you have your plants you will need some small pots. Regular pots will be fine, or you can spice it up with a hanging planter to give your new apartment some decor.

Check out our floorplans to see which is the best fit for you.

The Right Soil Matters

3 Succulents do not use regular soil. You will need to purchase a gritty mixture for your soil. This will allow the water to drain all the way through with a steady flow. The picture shown is a perfect idea of what yours should look like.

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Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what succulents will work best in your new apartment home and how to make then strive, you can “WOW” your friends and family with your amazing new décor.

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