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How To Sound Proof Your Apartment

Now that you are all moved into your new apartment, its time to invite some friends over! But before you think about hosting a movie or game night, you might want to noise proof your apartment. Even if you are doing laundry or watching T.V. sounds may be deceptive to your surrounding neighbors. Sound proofing your apartment is going to keep your neighbors happy and make you feel a little more free in your apartment.


The larger the apartment, the more space there is for noise as you’re walking about. Rugs are an easy way to noise proof your apartment. It works best if you consider having a rug in your living area and maybe a runner in a hallway as well. Rugs serve their purpose for sound proofing but are also a simple way to add décor in your living space.

Still worried about the noise? Hardwood floors echo as people walk on them or drop things. Adding a felt underlining will help absorb even more noise!


Since you have chosen to indulge in the luxuries of an apartment, you must remember you are in close quarters to other neighbors. A great way to reduce noise is to move your speakers and t.v. on a wall that is not shared with a neighbor.


Every electronic appliance creates some type of noise. Although these are not noises that your neighbor will complain about. They do add to your overall sound level in the apartment. Keeping background noises to a minimum will help keep noise levels down and your neighbors happy!

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